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Welcome to Magnum Integrated Technologies Inc. I invite you to explore our site and learn about our Divisions and unique product lines. I also invite you to learn about our values, mission and vision, as well as our accomplishments.

I firmly believe in applying an international exchange of talent, best engineering know-how, design, technology and procurement to the final realization of our projects. Through our valuable resources in the USA, Europe, Canada, China and India we enrich, complement and learn from each other to offer the best knowledge at the best prices.

As CEO I work with a team of over 100 talented and committed individuals. I strive to be an inspiring leader and strategic planner in order to develop our potential to the fullest. I am passionate about exploring all facets of science and technology and through integration developing state-of-the-art equipment and plants to meet today’s global challenges. I believe in ethical business practices and work towards achieving the triple bottom line.

Thank you for visiting our site.

André Nazarian

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