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Magnum Metal Process Inaugurates First Design and Procurement Center in Pune

Magnum Metal Process Technologies ™ Pvt. Ltd., a value-engineered solution provider which is a wholly-owned Indian subsidiary of Magnum Integrated Technologies Inc.™, opened its office in Pune, India. Magnum is a multi-divisional, multi-national ISO 9001: 2000 corporation headquartered in Brampton , Ontario , Canada. (read more)

Magnum Power Signs Contract for Gate Actuating System with LAR Machinerie (Hydro Quebec - Grande Mere, Quebec)
Magnum Power has been awarded a contract to supply a gate actuation system to operate the first radial gates project for Hydro-Quebec. The project incorporates the most sophisticated technology in the industry to ensure 100% uptime performance.
Anker-Cast Signs Contract with Norsk Hydro American for Turnkey Equipment Supply of Complete Casting System
Anker-Cast has been awarded a turnkey contract for the supply of Norsk Hydro's first North American remelt facility. The facility provides Norsk Hydro with the tools to exceed North American quality standards.
Magnum Integrated Technologies at Stainless Steel Expo in Shanghai, China
Magnum Integrated Technologies Inc. showcased its Waterbury Farrel Rolling Mill and Hill-Acme™ Coil Grinding Divisions at the Stainless Steel Expo held in Shanghai, China. The show featured machinery and processes used in the production and manufacture of stainless steel. We wish to thank everyone who helped make this show a success--our customers, colleagues and show personnel--and invite everyone to join us in November in Shanghai for the Aluminium Show in which we will feature our Loma Machine™ Casting and Sawing Division.
Waterbury Farrel Signs Contract for Sendzimir Mill in Mainland China

Waterbury Farrel® was awarded the contract for a 650 mm wide Sendzimir Mill to roll copper and copper alloy strips at 800 m/min (max) down to 0.05 mm. This will be the first 20-High mill in the world for copper to feature both Top and Bottom As-U-Roll® Crown Control as well as the new “True Zero Crown” housing.

Loma Machine Signs Contract for Fully Continuous Caster with Saw Mechanism in China
Loma Machine was awarded a contract for a Fully-Continuous Copper and Copper-Alloy Slab Caster complete with material- handling, sawing, weighing, and inspection systems. The caster will feature mold and tooling designed and developed in-house by Loma™.

Loma Machine Signs Contract for Semi-Continuous Casting System Complete with Billet and Slab Saw and Medium Frequency Crucible Induction Furnace in Egypt
Loma Machine was awarded a contract for a Semi-Continuous, Multiple Stand, Direct Chill Casting System, with molds, for copper and its alloy slab and billets. The scope of supply includes a Loma SL-45 Slab/Billet Saw and an induction furnace. This is a turnkey contract that involves design of the entire casthouse and cooling water system.
Loma Machine Signs Contract for Direct Chill Casting System in Pennsylvania, USA
Loma Machine is awarded a contract for the design, manufacture and supply of a Direct-Chill Casting System for aluminum and aluminum alloy to be installed and comissioned in Pennsylvania.

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